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As you most likely know by now, senior care normally starts off as a casual responsibility and grows into a long-term, and labor intensive, task. For many family caregivers, providing care for seniors may have started out as once a week, and became a daily chore that never sees a day off or a vacation.

Numerous, and often unique, circumstances can accelerate the need for professional caregiver at home.  Examples could include an accident or injury, a declining medical condition, or simply the logistics of caring for a loved one from a distance, when travel becomes a factor meeting the responsibilities of caregiving.

Care for Senior Citizen

A senior citizen is defined as anyone over the age of 65. It is a general term which suggests the person is retired, and often is associated with “senior discounts.” In most countries, the age related to becoming a senior citizen is changing to 67.

Generally speaking, care for senior citizens is not a term relevant to senior care. It is best to use the terms senior or elderly when doing research for support services online. A senior citizen is thought to be in good health, retired, self supporting, and more often than not, financial able.

The amount of information available can be overwhelming simply because of the combinations of need. Some caregiving services are government sponsored, but can fall under national, state, county, or local jurisdictions. Some seniors may have solutions offered by insurance plans. Others may have to go through a qualification process based on income and the value of assets.

This website hopes to make finding the information you need easy to get, and help to point you in the right direction. It was created by caregivers, for caregivers to benefit from the experiences of others who have gone before you, and would like to start with using terminology that best suits your needs for online research.