Shower Chairs and Wheelchair For Elderly and Disabled

Those who are responsible to care for an aging senior are often in the dark or know very little about what decision is best for his or her loved one. Hopefully, this information will help you make the decisions you need to make as painlessly as possible. Most of the information provided here comes from personal experience or from the books that are written on this subject.

There comes a time in many families when they realize one or both of their parents can no longer live alone. As painful of a decision as that is, reality must take precedence for their safety. When the parent is unable to make that decision, the adult child or children, or the primary caregiver, must make it for them. Each situation is different and the decisions will vary by individual. If you are in this situation, hopefully these tips will help you make the touch decision necessary to keep your loved one safe.

Plan for the future

The time to begin planning for the future is when your parents are still young enough to take part in the discussion. Your elderly parents may openly talk about their future plans, for example if they want to sell their home and move south or purchase an RV and travel around the country. Then your role is much easier. If possible, include other family members in the discussion so that everyone is aware of your parents desires for their future. You may find an opening to then find out what their wishes are regarding assisted living or nursing homes. Many people are very specific about what they want or don’t want for their own future.

Consider the reality of the situation
What a person wants to do when they get older and what they are able to do when they get there can be two very different things. If a parent is showing signs of dementia, then their plans will of necessity need to change. This is a point you may want to bring up in the family discussion mentioned above. There are many other problems that are faced by elderly due to weakness of the body. And hence they need more care and special products even for normal day to day activities. For example, you may provide them with best shower chair so that it will make it easier for them to have a shower.

Elderly CareHave a written plan in place
While your parents are still capable, develop a tentative plan that all can agree with regarding their future. If you have it in writing and keep it in a safe place, you will avoid many problems later on. Make sure everyone is in agreement, especially taking into consideration your parents choices.

Help Your Parent With the Transition

When your aging parents must move into an assisted living facility or senior citizen housing, the move can greatly affect their emotions as well as their ability to physically and mentally adjust to the new situation. As a member of the family, there are ways you can help with the transition. If they are mentally able, allow them to see the living space before moving in so that they can help plan what they will take with them. Most places have rules, and you can review those rules as decisions and choices are made.

If the facility has a common room or recreation area, make sure your loved one realizes they are welcome to participate with others. It may be helpful for them to meet a couple of people who already live there prior to moving in so they won’t feel so lonely. While the process may or may not be difficult, your loved one will need some time to adjust to their new living space. Keep the lines of communication open and allow them to express their feelings. If you began planning early on, you probably will not have as difficult a time with the transition. Keep all family members in the loop, try to stay in agreement about your parents care, and allow your parent a time of grieving the changes. With the proper planning and open communication, the move should go much smoother than you expect.

Nursing Items that you should have for elderly

As we said earlier that when people become old, their body becomes weak and in many cases they also are disabled. So they need some special products to make their life easier. In this section we will discuss about the products that you can buy for your loved ones who are now in need.

Wheel chairs
Many elder people are not able to walk and need support for day to day activities. A good wheelchair can really be helpful for them to move from one place to another without the help of others. Some senior citizens come to a point in their life when they realize they may need help walking. Manual Wheelchairs are propelled by the user and require significant upper body strength. If you intend to propel yourself in the chair using push rims on the rear wheels, you will need to look at ‘self propelling’ wheelchairs with have large back wheels. The lighter your chair the easier it will be to lift, carry and put into a car. Assistance can be due to old injuries flaring up, arthritis, hip problems, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other issues.

Manual Wheelchair 2018There are many kinds of manual wheelchairs available in the market today, including Ultra lightweight chairs, tilting wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, heavy-duty wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs and specialty chairs. Whilst these chairs are designed to be used by the chairs occupant, they normally have pushing handles on the back so that someone can push you where needed. Wheelchairs come in these weight categories. (note: the lighter the chair the more it cost). The standard seat height is 20-21″ off the ground. While the realization that you need help to walk may be a difficult fact to accept, but there is a bright side to the situation. Manual Wheelchairs are quite easy to push, have unlimited range, are simpler to maneuver and transport, and usually cost much less than power wheelchairs.

Indeed, the larger back wheels can be an advantage when being pushed up kerbs or over other obstacles. This will work if you are over 5′ tall. There are many benefits that wheelchairs provide to senior citizens. These great devices do precisely that, giving the user more range of motion than ever, distinctively for those who lead a dynamic lifestyle, take part in sporting activities or spend time traveling. If you are not strong enough to propel yourself and intend to rely on someone else pushing the chair, you are normally better off with an attendant propelled or transit wheelchair.

If you are shorter than 5′ you may have a hard time exiting the wheelchair and a shorter seat height will be necessary. Self-propelled manual wheelchairs have been specifically designed to make self-propelling and manoeuvring easy and practical with large rear wheels and lightweight frames. Proclaiming a weight of 9kg to 14kg, lightweight wheelchairs are more convenient to lift, deal with and transport, when compared to the regular chair that weighs around 20kg. Manual wheelchairs have a number of advantages and many active people prefer to use a manual wheelchair as much as possible. The first and foremost thing to consider is who is going to be pushing your wheelchair the majority of the time.

Consider the advantages below as well as your personal strength and energy levels as you will need plenty of both to operate a manual wheelchair. If you are physically able and prefer to manoeuvre your wheelchair yourself, then our lightweight self-propelled manual wheelchairs would be ideal for you.

Shower Chair For Elderly

There are many advantages of buying a shower chair for elder and disabled people. The foremost is that it provides them safety from falling and thus prevent injuries. If you are going to buy a good shower chair in UK, then make sure you read this guide. For persons with disabilities, taking a shower is no small task. In fact, such slippery surfaces as a wet bathroom floor often constitute a slipping hazard even for the fittest and most sure-footed individual. How many times have you thought that it would be much easier to shave your legs while sitting down? Basically, all shower seats have a surface to sit on and legs or a base to support you. Bathing is supposed to be relaxing, but it can sometimes feel downright terrifying. Shower chairs in UK

  • But, the potential for disaster rises considerably when you combine such an environment with physical instability and limited mobility due to age or disability.
  • Shower seats make various shower-related activities, such as shaving legs, much easier.
  • Because of the wet environment in which they are being used, shower seats are made from water repellent and water resistant materials.
  • The possibility of falling and getting bumps and bruises or ending up in the hospital can cause this to be a dreaded task.
  • Fortunately, there are simple ways of addressing these concerns and reducing potential hazards.

Shower seats are very useful during times or injury or pain. In this hub you’ll learn why you should consider this important bathroom accessory. Instead of risking your health, here are several reasons why owning your own shower chair is a good idea. One of these ways is the use of a shower chair. Perhaps you have sprained your ankle and find it difficult to stand for an extended period of time.

You’ll also learn about the different types of shower seats and some things to consider before buying one. Additionally, the seat is designed with wholes or cutouts to result quick drainage. One of the most difficult aspects of care, when dealing with an illness like MS or major stroke, can be personal hygiene. If you suffer from other types of disabilities, such as chronic back pain, shower seats can allow you to experience the benefits of hot water for an extended period of time. For the first time in almost 30 years of living, I enjoy the simply pleasure of a shower.

In terms of particular design and customization, shower chair comes in various form, type, size, and additional features. A shower is often a thing of the past. Forget bathing out of the sink, because using the tub is too scary. However, still its main function and purpose is to be an assisting device for those with physical problems when bathing. Even using a toilet is a bygone luxury that is simply too difficult for you or the caregiver to manage-without a shower commode chair. Now, I can safely sit down and not have to worry about slipping in the tub and take the chance of drowning, if I knock myself out. And its main agenda is to lessen the risk of injury. At the very least, I will not have a goose egg or headache to match.

Buying a shower chair in 2018
When choosing a seat, the obvious consideration is utility – what function will the seat perform? A shower chair will not help you if it does not fit properly in your tub. Armed with your specific requirements, consider the options described below. Shower chairs are designed to fit neatly in a shower recess. The elderly and those with physical disabilities need something ADA-compliant that can hold up to the daily stresses of supporting their full body weight in a wet environment while still being comfortable to use.

  • The bottom of the legs needs to sit flat against the bottom of the tub and not up against the angled sides of the bathtub walls.
  • All offer sturdy, safe solutions for extra support while bathing.
  • For use in a bath tub, a transfer bench may be a better option.
  • Those wanting a seat purely for relaxation and convenience can forego some of the functional concerns to focus on design (though there are many designer units that incorporate ADA safeguards). A good bath seat definitely needs to support the user’s weight.
  • When the legs are flat against the bottom of the tub they will be more stable.

The highlighted products ranked as the top five shower chairs based on customer feedback. It’s important to measure your shower recess or bath before purchasing a shower chair as you may have problems if a shower seat is too wide. We would like to suggest you check the capacity that the product can hold before making the purchase, as the chair that isn’t compatible with the user’s weight is very dangerous. Always take careful measurements of the bottom of the tub. We emphasize that each makes an excellent choice for a safe and sturdy shower chair.

A shower chair’s legs should fit on the flat base of the bath without wobbling. Since the chairs available on the market today mostly are capable of supporting the weight of up to 250ls, we still insist you check it clearly before making the purchase. Check the shower chair you intend to buy and make sure it is the right size. This shower bench mounts directly to a wall with stainless steel brackets set sixteen inches on center. Some people prefer to have a fixed shower chair that is permanent feature of their shower area.

Some bath chairs have two legs that extend down to support one side of the seat and the other side of the seat is supported by the tub wall. It’s ideal for use inside or outside of showers, and in saunas, steam rooms, and pool houses. Various wall mounted shower seats are available, usually with drop-down feet and a hinge mechanism that enables them to fold against the wall when not required. Most models have a clamping mechanism that helps to secure them to the tub wall. Well, as shower chairs usually used by the elderly and physically disabled people so security is the utmost priority.

However, please be aware that these are only suitable for attachment to load-bearing walls of a suitable strength. The primary seat structure must be right. Also, it must have handles, non-slip seats, nonslip feet, safety belts, drainage holes, padding, and high-visibility colors included.