Tips to choose and maintain indoor household plants in UK

Aiming at a natural atmosphere and warmth to feel inside a home or office, indoor plants are a great tool to use in decorating and complimenting your architecture and furnishings. The leaf design, size, color and maintenance are the requirements to fully enjoy the beauties that indoor plants create inside your home. Actually, some of these plants only need an occasional pruning and watering.

On the other hand, there are almost seven-hundred harmful and deadly plants that must be avoided because they bring poison to animals. These plants should not be grown or be placed inside a home. In fact, cats tend to nibble the seeds and leaves that the adverse reactions usually follow. It is best if you check the comprehensive list of harmful and deadly plants that may actually harm your pets. Kidney failure, cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal disruptions and neurological disorders are the main symptoms accumulated from the plant toxins that must need further medication.

Apart from it, indoor plants are beneficial because they normally clean the air and improve the overall appearance of your own home. These fresh plants are blended with any subject of décor inside your house. Always remember that a home that has flowers and plants is comfortable and attractive to look at and to stay in. You also need to regularly prune these plants so that it looks beautiful using a good lopper. We will be discussing, how to choose great lopper for pruning in UK later in this article.

Either you are a newbie or enthusiast in growing houseplants; there are the best indoor plants to choose from. Below are the best house plants that you can place inside your home.

  1. Moth orchid is certainly one of the top choices on the best indoor plants because it purifies the air. Its petals are purely white with little stripes of fuchsia. One more thing about this plant is that the buds are great and interesting to look at. The five buds start to appear below the stem and each of them opens when the top soon starts to open. The flower basically blooms in the spring season and merely last for almost three months. Actually, they are not prone to direct sunlight as they tend to wither. These plants are delicate but they look good because of their wing-shaped leaves. It is much easier to plant them that can be grown naturally.
  2. Another best indoor plant to consider at home is the PonyTail Palm that brings unusual appearance and forces gardeners to merely have it as a houseplant. Its trunk can normally store water and the leaves whip out right from the stems. Due to its capacity to hold water with its trunk, it can stand and last for the entire year even without water in it. In caring PonyTail Palm indoor plants, it is best to keep it dry before you put the water on it. It actually values high light that you can place it near the window. It may be that the appearance is strange to look at that it only takes easy maintenance and care. This indoor plant normally reaches six feet tall.
  3. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary” is also one of the best house plants to consider. It is better known as wire vine that its height reaches 1 ft. and 8 inches. This plant does not give favor on overwatering or over drying. Nevertheless, this plant loves misting. It is suggested that fogging is made even once a week. In terms of the temperature, the excellent ones are between the range of sixty-five and eighty degrees. Be extra careful with spider mites because they are attracted to these plants. Once you have seen them inside your house, you need to pull them at once. The sunlight it needs must be met indirectly. An all-purpose or overall fertilizer is needed every month that makes it healthier and fuller.
  4. Other than that, Chinese evergreen is a topical growing plant that is even perfect for a newbie grower like you. This is easy to take good care because it basically prefers lighter areas that keep the leaves silver and dark green. It is further recommended to let it first dry before watering the plant. When the temperature goes down at exactly forty-five degrees, then the plant may not actually do well. The maximum height it reaches is about three feet while the shortest height is about eighteen inches.
  5. Another best indoor plant to include in your home interior decoration is Ficus. Many gardeners and plant hobbyists love this plant because of its green leaves and braid type. The stems are often intertwined that normally create a perfect and attracting braid. The plants basically need consistent watering to prevent them from even falling off. Once they grow, they normally reach their height for about four feet. And if they are provided with indirect lighting, they are surely expected to be growing healthily.
  6. Bonsai Trees are also a perfect combination to your lovely interior decoration. They are excellent because they only need minimum maintenance but with lots of style. Actually, they basically come along with colorful buds and green foliage. Their stems are strutted in various animation designs. One good thing about this plant is that it can be planted in different pots, from shallow pans to terrarium containers. It is best to utilize color gravel that fits on your creative design or space to have on garden accessories and miniature ceramics.
  7. Larger bonsai trees normally need a planting pot. However, many of the bonsai species can live even with minimum planting space. This plant is made perfect to be used on the wall niche, at the kitchen countertop or even the perfect centerpiece for the table. Most of the plant enthusiasts love this plant.
  8. Aloe vera is another good example of plant that survives both in the inside and outside of a house. Jade also is a perfect choice that does not annoy you too much.
  9. Apart from it, cacti species are great because they survive in semi-arid and arid weather conditions that they are often found in the deserts. Many species of cactus are often found juicy, lovely and smooth.
  10. Coleuses are also the cutest houseplants to consider with their small leaves often in dark surface and yellow borders. They actually look like herbs with a wide range of species that they normally grow tall just like trees.

The above mentioned plants are certainly the best indoor plants that you can have in your home. They are worthy because of the best value they give to your money. Feel free to have these indoor plants for your wider and experimental house decoration! Also if you have garden make sure you preserve the water as they are limited and precious. There are various rain water harvesting techniques, the easiest and cheapest one is by using good quality rain barrels. These rain barrels are cheap and easily available and can hold up to 55 gallons of water. (more…)

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